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Happy Monday

Just as crazy as those Factory Records legends of the nineties dance scene, we go all Steve Coogan...Laughable prices every monday. All films are just £7 entry. Cheaper than a parking spot where the Hacienda once resided and guarenteed to help you forget that there's another 4 days until the weekend. Couldn't get to us at the weekend?! It was worth the wait at a snip of the price.

Parent & Baby

- Friday Afternoons*

Mothers, Fathers, Nans, Nannies, Aunties, Uncles...Left with a little'un to look after?! Rock them off to sleep in the comfort of our cosy cinema and kick back to the weekend's new release. Park up those prams and grab yourself a Coleman Coffee, nibble some popcorn and enjoy your Friday afternoon flick. Go on, you deserve it!

*Subject to the suitability of the films that week for younger viewers - Please check the "what's on" section of the website.


Cinema FAQs

Q. How many screens do you have?

A. Just the one.

Q. How many seats?

A. 52, including two seats that can be converted into wheelchair spaces if required.

Q. What type of films do you show?

A. We have a mix of mainstream cinema (blockbusters) as well as some smaller, or independent films, we have also been known to host a film festival or two.

Q. So do you get all of the new films?

A. We only have the one screen so we can't show them all, but we generally have at least one new film in the mix.

Q. On the release date?

A. Sometimes, although we're more likely to get them one or two weeks after release.

Q. How often do you bring in new films?

A. We change our films almost every week, on Friday.

Q. When will next weeks films be on sale?

A. Most weeks we will put the films on sale on Tuesday for the following Friday.

Q. How do I find out what's coming up?

A. You can pop in and ask, or you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter (link at top of page).

Q. Do I have to book my tickets in advance?

A. While it's not always neccessary, it is definitely advisable if you want to make sure you get a ticket.

Q. How do I buy tickets?

A. You can either come in and buy them at the bar, or you can book through our website.

Q. Is there a charge for booking on the website?

A. Yes, 50p per ticket, plus a £1 transaction fee.

Q. What time will the screen open for my film?

A. Roughly 5 minutes before the advertised start time.

Q. Are the seats allocated?

A. No, so we would advise arriving early so you can pick your seat.

Q. Are there any adverts or trailers?

A. Yes, roughly 10-15 minutes worth depending on the film.

Q. Can I take food and drink into the screen?

A. No outside food or drink is allowed, however, with the exception of hot food, you can bring anything bought from the bar into the screen with you.

Q. How much are tickets?

A. Depends on the day and time, for an adult; Monday is £7 all day, Tue-Thu is £10 all day, Sat & Sun is £10 for the matinee and £11 for the evening screenings, and Fri is £7 for the Parent & Baby and £11 for the evening screenings. Although prices for special screenings and events may vary.

Get in touch

Shortwave Cinema

10 Bermondsey Square

London SE1 3UN

t: +44 20 73 57 6845


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